Electro-welded blister

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Electro-welded blister

Electro-welded blister (inviolable bi-valve, suitable for large-scale retail trade, loose descriptive card inside the blister making the package completely recyclable).

The electro-welded blister lends itself to wide-ranging customisation, both in terms of the shape of the valve or bi-valve, and in terms of the PVC sheet, which can be neutral, coloured or customised with graphics, logos and all kinds of markings, at the customer's request.

Other advantages that have contributed to the widespread use of the electro-welded blister pack, apart from its attractive appearance, are the complete visibility of the product (which can therefore be seen intact without opening the pack), its ability to avoid tampering with bare hands and, thus, the high level of protection of the product, and the possibility of 100% recycling of all parts.