Complete range of machines

Packaging and mould construction is carried out in-house in our research and development department. Thanks to the experience we have accumulated over the years and our renowned professionalism, high productivity and the precision and efficiency of our creations, we are able to meet all kinds of requirements.

We have the following types of machinery for production

  • 6-station sealing carousel for large formats (sealing plate size mm 1200x1000)
  • No. 2 high-frequency sealing carousels with 6 stations
  • No. 2 high-frequency sealing carousels with 4 stations
  • No. 1 2-station carousel for sampling
  • No. 2 ILLIG thermoforming machines
  • No. 1 MAC OUT thermoforming machine
  • No. 1 ILPRA thermoforming machine
  • No. 1 ILPRA for heat-sealed blisters
  • No. 1 TERMOFORMING thermoforming machine
  • No. 1 TERMOFORMING machine for sampling
  • No. 1 angular shrink wrapping machine
  • No. 2 CNC milling machines for mould making
  • No. 1 thermoforming machine with 2 punching stations
  • No. 2 automatic labelling machines
  • No. 1 automatic cartoning machine